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How Xylitol Can Benefit Your Child’s Oral Health

For children, tooth decay is preventable, but for many dentists, the question of how is present. Many dentists recommend dental sealants, while others recommend fluoride treatments, and some recommend avoiding sugary drinks and foods during this time in their lives. Xylitol, however, has become another recommended substance that can be used to prevent cavities. But […]

Children And Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is one of those practices that should follow us our entire lives, becoming an everyday moment of pause and self-care throughout the day. To help this become a reality, its essential that you take the time to start teaching your children proper oral hygiene early in their lives. Doing so will help ensure […]

Avoid These Foods and Beverages For Your Dental Health

We all know that the world out there is full of food that has it in for our child’s teeth. Every time we decide to provide a food in the home or take them out to eat, we have to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. A love of sugary, fatty, starchy snacks is pretty much […]

Why Consider Dental Sealants For Your Child

Dentists always recommend that children should get dental sealants, but for parents, the big question is why. Dental sealants at first hand don’t sound so necessary, and if your child has a good dental routine and eats well, then why should you worry? Dental sealants, however, have such a huge impact on children’s dental health. […]

Why Baby Teeth Are So Important

For new parents, handling a child’s growth is more than just about nutrition and exercise. If you’ve paid attention to their teeth, you may even be wondering whether or not the baby’s teeth are important. If they’re going to grow out of their teeth, then why do I need to have their teeth checked? Baby […]

The Importance of Teaching Your Children About Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene matters for a child’s development; about one in three children don’t brush their teeth often enough, causing problems such as damaged teeth and cavities. Children who do brush their teeth twice a day are at less risk of oral complications than those who don’t. Children who maintain good oral hygiene also have been […]

Why Your Child Can Benefit From Early Orthodontic Treatment

It’s often a surprise to parents when they get advised to take their child to an orthodontist early in life. When children have reached the age of seven, they should be scheduled to see an orthodontist for the first time. During this visit, the dentist will have a chance to explore the overall health of […]

What is Enamel Hypoplasia?

Enamel Hypoplasia can dramatically affect the quality of one’s life and can be challenging to treat. As an enamel deficiency, it requires crowns, fillings, and tooth extractions to treat the condition and what causes it can be hard to prevent. For those who have this condition, or for those who wish to learn more about […]

The concept of a dental home has been present in the dental industry for some time, having first been introduced in the 1970s. It wouldn’t be until 2006 that the concept began getting traction and support from the American Dental Association. The concept of a dental home focuses on the idea that the members of […]

Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

From a very young age, we have all been served a litany of admonishments and encouragements to maintain a steady regimen of flossing, brushing, and mouthwash. As we get older and we begin to become responsible for our own dental care we are also told that we should go in for dental cleanings with our […]

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