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How Can I Help My Child When Their Two-Year Molars Erupt?

Your two-year-old’s molars can be incredibly uncomfortable for your child, and if you’re starting to notice your child become more irritable or moody, then it’s most likely their molars! As the first set of molars to come in, it can be tough to help them during this time, but don’t worry! Our team at Smiling […]

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Braces?

The first decade of our child’s life is a time of many essential changes. Among them is the growth and development of their oral cavity, including their jaws, teeth, and other tissues. Receiving the proper dental care during this period can prevent future oral health issues and the related expenses of handling them. One type […]

Teaching Your Child How to Floss

Being a parent is a lot of work, but it’s also incredibly gratifying. Our job as parents is to teach our children how to care for themselves. An effective hygiene routine must include oral hygiene. Most parents do an excellent job of teaching their kids how to brush their teeth correctly, but flossing is frequently […]

Trauma-Informed Pediatric Care And How It Protects Your Children

Trauma-informed pediatric care means providing healthcare providers with the tools needed to help children through traumatic events and receive the care they need most. For pediatric dentists, this means helping children who have faced unpleasant experiences with dental procedures and or have mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression receive care through a calming, […]

How To Keep Making Music in Band With Braces

You recently got orthodontics and are in the band. What’s next? You can return to practice if you are in the string or percussion groups. You may proceed. But if your abilities have placed you in the reed or brass sections, you might need to adjust slightly to maintain your braces and instrument in perfect […]

A Parents Primer For Pediatric Dental Hygiene

Every parent’s first goal is to ensure their child grows healthy and happy. While much focus is on the child’s medical and mental health, oral health tends to get second billing. Many parents aren’t aware that dental care begins before the child is born. Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry knows that new parents are often overwhelmed […]

How Do Pediatric Dentists Manage Infant Oral Health?

Being a parent can be a confusing time. The questions and potential issues can be challenging for new parents. New parents usually think about what baby swing is best, what pediatrician to visit, when they should start a college fund, what breakfasts to serve, and how to care for their teeth. How Do Pediatric Dentists […]

How To Care For Your Newborn’s Gums

Did you know that babies are born with 20 teeth underneath their gums? While your infant’s first tooth won’t show up until they’re around six months, your newborn’s gums are just as vulnerable to bacteria, and it’s essential to take care of their gums right away to ensure that their teeth come in healthy. Parents […]

Why You Should Get Perinatal Checkups

As a future mother, starting a family is a beautiful moment that can last a lifetime. However, pregnancy comes with its challenges, and one of the most significant challenges women face while pregnant is maintaining their dental health. Most of all, your newborn will have to have a healthcare plan, meaning they will also need […]

All You Need To Know About Pediatric Dentistry

From the first day, we enter the world, how our overall health cares matters. This includes our oral health. Even before our first primary tooth has pushed its way through the gum, numerous factors can impact our smile. After the arrival of this first tooth, it becomes even more essential that our oral health receives […]