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Our Strategies For Treating Children’s Orthodontic Pain

Having your child get braces is considered a healthy, lifelong investment into your child’s dental health but can also be one of the biggest challenges for your child growing up. It can especially be difficult during the first week or so of their new treatment, as they may complain about their teeth hurting often. While […]

Can Pediatric Crowns Be Used For Kids?

When we’re adults, it’s considered normal for people to get dental crowns. But for children, the idea of pediatric crowns is practically unheard of when it comes to dental treatment. But in some pediatric circles, pediatric crowns can be a useful way to address complex dental problems in children. So, what are pediatric crowns all […]

Can Hypnosis Be Used As A Way To Reduce Dental Anxiety?

The idea of using hypnosis in dental care sounds far-fetched at first. Hypnosis usually conjures images of sideshow gigs, live performers, and fantasy entertainment and, in most cases, is seen as just a trick or ruse. However, some dentists have begun using hypnotherapy as a way to help patients with feelings of uneasiness during appointments. […]

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