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Why You Should Consider Sustainable Oral Care

Our world doesn’t recycle enough to keep up with the thousands of pounds of waste produced. Plastic has become the most unsustainable resource on earth, creating massive destruction to ecosystems and wildlife, and many companies have been slow to work at creating more sustainable sources. Many of our toothbrushes in those landfills will take hundreds […]

Oral Health Risks Of Black Mold In Your Home

For many families, preventing cavities can be a huge challenge, especially for children who have excessive sweet tooths. Encouraging them to brush and floss each day, limiting their sweets intake, and making sure they visit their dentist regularly are some of the best methods we have to help protect children’s teeth from harmful diseases. However, […]

Dental Concerns Faced By Young Patients As They Develop

Children are always known to be resilient, and if they have baby teeth issues, most parents wouldn’t worry too much since those teeth will fall out anyway. But there’s a lot to consider when it comes to your kid’s teeth. Cavities are cavities, no matter the stage of the tooth. The consequences of untreated cavities […]

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