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Restoration Before Invisalign, Is it the right move?

You have a child who needs to undergo orthodontic treatment, but they also need restoration work done. You may ask yourself which of these procedures is appropriate to start with. In the majority of cases, it’s going to be important to get the orthodontic treatment done first. A few kinds of restorations may provide additional […]

Is It Worth It To Get Mail-Order Orthodontics?

The dental industry has made some adaptations to care for patients during the pandemic. Likewise, some patients have made some changes of their own, and not all of them for the better. One such change is the move to seeking mail-order orthodontics, some of them regrettably built around a DIY approach. While DIY is the […]

What is The Orthodontic Anchorage Control Technique?

Receiving orthodontic care is a fairly common part of many people’s childhood dental experience. The benefits of addressing orthodontic concerns while the jaw is still developing are significant. The process tends to be shorter, easier, and ensure healthy growth and proper alignment of adult teeth. While your dentist is preparing for this process, they must […]

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