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Recent Discovery Offers Hope Of A Cavity-Free Future

Since the first tooth was extracted, there has been an ongoing battle to eliminate the formation of tooth decay. This began with understanding the source of this process and then working to make it a thing of the past. So what is it that is responsible for tooth decay? Behind tooth decay can be found […]

How Glass Ionomers Can Help Partially Erupted Teeth

Preventing tooth decay comes in many forms, and for your children, practicing good oral hygiene is the best way to do so. But sometimes, those back molars can be super hard to reach and tend to collect more bacteria than most. Your dentist may recommend applying a sealant to those tricky molars to protect them […]

How Childhood Asthma Impacts Their Overall Oral Health

Childhood asthma can present numerous problems for that child’s health, as it is a serious condition that impacts all aspects of their lives. However, for their oral health, asthma can increase the risk of oral diseases such as cavities, gum disease, and ulcers because of the constant exposure and difficulties restricted airways bring to those […]

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