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Are Root Canals Necessary With Children?

Baby teeth respond well to the removal of a diseased part of the dental pulp (nerve) while leaving the healthy portion intact. The cavity will be removed from the tooth in addition to the portion of the pulp that has been infected by the bacteria of the cavity. A disinfectant is placed on top of […]

What Do I Do If My Child Is In An Accident?

If your child has an accident and you are a patient of record, please call our office as soon as possible. We will see your child immediately. If it is an after-hours emergency, an emergency number will be given on the answering machine. The first 30 minutes after an accident are the most critical to […]

What if My Child is Being Teased About His/Her Appearance?

Guidelines for the Development of Positive Self Esteem. Social inhibition, or feeling uncomfortable in social situations is common for everyone, but particularly for people who think they “look different”. Teasing is the act where someone annoys another person persistently, or bullies another person to anger, resentment, or confusion. Many problems can occur because of the […]

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