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Why Mail-In Orthodontic Aligners Can Worsen Your Oral Health

Among all the options dentists can provide for your child, braces are often the least exciting and least sought out by parents. Braces can be bothersome, time-consuming, and costly to maintain. However, they still play a vital role in children’s dental health, especially if they face heavy misalignments that impact their oral health. In recent decades, mail-orthodontic treatments have become a trend that’s reported to be affordable, faster, and more convenient. In reality, mail-in orthodontics do more harm than good.

What Are Mail-In Braces and Why Are They Harmful? 

Mail-in braces are online kits that can be purchased and used to straighten teeth. These treatments advertise that they’re affordable, offer faster alignment rates, and claim to provide more accessible forms of care. However, many companies that sell these products are causing more harm to people’s oral health when looked at closely. 

Mail-in braces cause a lot of problems, especially for parents and their children. These risks include: 

  • No Regulations: The companies that sell these products don’t follow the safety measures needed to help patients install and use them properly, and therefore come with extensive risks. These companies often need to be overseen by dental associations, such as the ADA and the American Association of Orthodontists, to safety test and approve certain products for the public.
  • No Orthodontic Oversight: Your child’s orthodontist, general dentist, family dentist, or pediatric orthodontist are the only one who can make sure that your child’s teeth are being treated correctly. Under this oversight, they can determine whether your child needs braces, clear aligners, retainers, or other devices to help straighten their smile and make sure their teeth grow correctly.
  • High Risk of Damage: These braces pose a higher risk of damage to the teeth, gums, and jawline. They can move the teeth too quickly or place too much pressure along the jawline. If done incorrectly, mail-in braces can increase the risk of traumatic tooth damage and jaw pain for your child.
  • More Costs Overtime: Any damage caused by mail-in orthodontics can be more costly overall. Mail-in orthodontics poses more costs due to the damage repairs and lack of insurance coverage caused by the damage left from mail-in braces, leaving lasting consequences to your child’s oral health and more costly surgical procedures. 

Visit Your Pediatric Dentist or Orthodontist For Their Safety and Health

By getting proper pediatric and orthodontic care, your child can have straighter teeth that won’t pose high risks to their health. Under the guidance of a certified orthodontist, they can provide safe, successful treatment for tooth alignment and protect their smile from traumatic injury, decay, and other oral diseases. As this rising trend falls, always make sure to provide your child with oral hygiene habits, regular oral exams, and treatments when necessary, as it can help save their smile for life. For more information, schedule an appointment with your pediatric dentist today for more information about braces treatment, recommendations, and other options available to you.