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Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

From a very young age, we have all been served a litany of admonishments and encouragements to maintain a steady regimen of flossing, brushing, and mouthwash. As we get older and we begin to become responsible for our own dental care we are also told that we should go in for dental cleanings with our dentist regularly. This is the path to exceptional oral health and a smile that will last you a lifetime in good repair. Below we’re going to go into the reasons why skipping a dental cleaning is never a good idea, and how it can change the future of your oral health.

Why Should Dental Cleanings Be A Requirement For Me?

Even if you have a dedicated routine of at-home dental hygiene, you may not be tackling all the concerns that face your dental health. As we brush we tend to get into a habit that can lead to certain areas of our mouth not receiving the attention they need. Your dentist has a better view of your mouth during the inspections and can find those areas where dental cleaning will help offset the risks of decay and cavities. There are also times when no amount of brushing is going to be able to tackle some of your dental health concerns.

  • Stained Teeth – Depending on the reason why your teeth are stained you may find that regular brushing and flossing just aren’t keeping it under control. In these cases, you may need the assistance of your dentist to restore your perfect white smile to you.
  • Grinding Teeth – Bruxism can be a serious problem, and some patients who suffer from it don’t even know its happening. Your dentist will notice right away from the damage it does to your teeth and can help you take steps to reduce the effect it has.
  • Oral Cancer – This is another huge part of your regular checkup. While your dentist is in there doing the cleaning they are also watching for signs of oral cancer. This condition is easily treated provided that it can be caught early and action is taken. Your cleaning is your dentist’s chance to do that.
  • Prevent Heart Disease – There is a mounting body of evidence that indicates that your oral health can have a total systemic effect on your health. This means that what happens in your mouth can lead to, or be caused by, issues elsewhere in your body. Heart disease, in particular, has been found to have relations to oral health issues.

These are just four of the reasons why it’s essential that you see your dentist on a regular basis. Those twice-yearly visits aren’t just about keeping your teeth pearly white. During them, your dentist is looking out for your whole body health and risks you may not be able to even see at home. Dr. Swati Singh has been helping patients with preventative care and cleanings from their office in Indianapolis, IN for years. He has seen generations of kids come and go through Smiling Kids Indianapolis, and is always happy to set another on the path to good dental health with regular cleanings.