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Why Baby Teeth Are So Important

For new parents, handling a child’s growth is more than just about nutrition and exercise. If you’ve paid attention to their teeth, you may even be wondering whether or not the baby’s teeth are important. If they’re going to grow out of their teeth, then why do I need to have their teeth checked? Baby teeth, however, have a vital role in a child’s growth. Our teeth all go through a dramatic cycle of growth and development, and understanding how your teeth grow and shape can give you the precedence to care for your child’s teeth when they come and go.

How a Tooth is Born

Even when newborns don’t have any teeth, their front teeth are already formed underneath their gums. During their six weeks of conception, their teeth will begin to grow and develop in the jawbone, and once the child reaches 2-3 months old, their teeth will begin to shift and poke through the gums. As these teeth develop, these teeth allow them to begin chewing on more solid foods, which helps in the transitioning off of their mother’s milk or baby formula. Having baby teeth allows them to gain the nutrition they need to fully develop and decrease the risk of These teeth also help to allow them to begin speaking, helping them develop word pronunciation and speech habits.

From Baby Teeth To Permanent Teeth

Once the child reaches 4-5 years old, their jaws will become strong enough to support the development of their permanent teeth. The baby teeth help guide the eruption of the permanent teeth and hold the place for the teeth to erupt from. These baby teeth also lessen the chance of overcrowding and overlapping by developing their place ahead of time. By guiding the permanent teeth into position, they held to decrease the chance of deformities in the gums and teeth, as well as helps to develop the muscles and bones within the face to adjust to their growth.

Why Take Care of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth can also get cavities just like permanent teeth. When a child gets cavities, the bacteria and infection present in the mouth can spread to other parts of the body if left over a long period of time. These cavities create an especially vulnerable situation for the child, especially if the child’s immune system hasn’t fully developed. Taking care of your child’s baby teeth is essential in these cases because the work done to remove the cavities and keep the teeth aligned can cause time, money, and stress for both you and your child.

The Benefits of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth have many benefits that you, as a parent, can cherish in, including:

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem – Children with healthy baby teeth will have the confidence to smile more and enjoy their lives more fully as a result. A healthy smile can give the child the ability to have good social experiences throughout their childhood, and help their self-image improve overtime.
  • Keeps them Healthy – Baby teeth give so many health benefits; they help them eat more nutritious foods, help them speak properly, and give space for their permanent teeth to form. Baby teeth make way for an overall healthier life, and give parents a more joyful experience raising their child.

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