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Tips from the Tooth Fairy

When our children are growing up one of our special joys is being able to play tooth fairy, but it comes with a certain amount of peril. Failing to leave a treat from the tooth fairy, even once, results in their disillusion. When children are little the loss of one of their teeth is an important event, one that indicates that they’re getting older and starting their passage into adulthood. The tooth fairy can also be used as an avenue to encourage good dental habits, so it’s essential that we take it seriously. For those parents seeking to learn how to be a better tooth fairy, we have provided this guide.

Plan Ahead

The most important part of being the tooth fairy is planning ahead for that very first lost tooth. You want to make the event lighthearted, fun, and as an avenue for introducing them to the mysteries of the tooth fairy.

Make Sure You Don’t Forget

As soon as your child loses their tooth make sure you set a reminder that will ensure you get in and deliver the gift from the tooth fairy. There’s nothing more heart-rending than finding out that your child is sobbing uncontrollable because they were overlooked by the tooth fairy. Use a blank post-it note, an alarm on your phone, have your partner remind you. Whatever it takes to remember, make it happen.

Watch How High You Set Your Bar

While it may seem exciting to set a trail of little gifts around your house, remember that you need to do this every time. What this means is to keep your gifts simple and straight-forward, especially since the kids at school will compare notes. If your display is more over-the-top than other families traditions, your child may start asking questions. Ensure that whatever you do is maintainable.

Stash Supplies And Form A Backup Plan

Your children are going to lose 20 teeth throughout their childhood, and you don’t want to be running out late at night to get something for them if they lose one in the evening. Keep a few dollar bills around the house, and put it someplace that the kids won’t find it. If you don’t keep a supply of gifts from the tooth fairy around you may wind up raising the bar on yourself on accident. In the event that you do forget? Tell your child they must have missed it and have them ‘look around their room really well’ and place it someplace they may not have already looked.

These are just a few of the ways you can make sure that your tooth fairy antics are a rousing success. If you’re looking for other tips you may want to speak to your dentist about some inspirations. They’ve heard a lot of stories from other parents and are sure to have some ideas that will spark your imagination. Dr. Swati Singh at Smiling Kids Indianapolis enjoys helping the childhood of children in Indianapolis IN that much more magical.