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Pamper Yourself on the Dental Aisle

Everyone deserves a little pampering from time to time, after all, what’s a bathtub for if not tending to our need for occasional luxury?  However there is often a part of our bodies we leave out when we start thinking about how to take special care of ourselves, and that’s our mouths.  Of course, we usually make sure that we have some kind of special treat to munch on, but have you ever considered the possibility that your teeth deserve a little pampering too?  If not it’s time to change that by stopping in at the dental aisle and treating your teeth to a spa day!

Let Your Smile Shine With New Whiter Teeth!
White teeth are an essential part of your first impression, and using teeth whitening strips, gels, and toothpaste can be a great way to make yours shine all the brighter.  The strips are particularly easy to use, so while you’re relaxing with your favorite show or a great book, you can let them sit and do their job. You’ll just have to refrain from eating while they’re in.

Mouthwash Freshens It All!
There’s nothing like a refreshing swish of mouthwash to make your mouth feel fresh and clean after a long day.  Mouthwash is an excellent follow-up to flossing as it can get in between the spaces in your teeth and rinse out the last bits of debris that may get caught in there.  It also can help tackle plaque that’s hiding in places you can’t quite get your brush too and battle the bacteria that causes gingivitis and periodontitis.

Everyone’s Abuzz About Electric Toothbrushes
Like a combination power-washer for your teeth and massager for your gums, electric toothbrushes can be a great addition to anyone’s dental care routine.  Whether you go with the rechargeable variety or the kind with removable batteries, there’s a broad range to choose from. Sonic based versions use sound to break up the plaque on your mouth, some have built-in water-picks, and some have brush heads that vibrate or rotate.

Flossing Doesn’t Have To Stress You Out
We know, there isn’t anything relaxing about flossing your teeth, but that doesn’t have to be the case!  There’s a vast range of flavors of floss out there, and an ever-growing number of handy little tools that will help you get in between the most difficult to reach teeth without ever having to wrap a piece of floss around your finger.  The next time you’re in the dental aisle of your pharmacy, check out the options they have for making your flossing practices easier.

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