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Orthodontic Timing

Some folks just have a winning smile right out the gate. Perfectly straight pearly whites that don’t require much in the way of dental intervention. The rest of us however can often benefit from a bit of help from our trusted dentist. To get your children started on the right foot, with a beaming smile that they can feel confident about, visit with Dr. Swati Singh in her Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry offices.

During the exam and consultation, Dr. Singh, DDS will be able to determine the type of orthodontic treatment that your child might benefit from. Orthodontic timing can depend on a few factors, and there is no one-size treatment plan for all children.

Early Orthodontic Intervention

It’s recommended that children are seen for their first orthodontic appointment by the age of 7. At this age, some of their permanent teeth should have already erupted. In addition, it will be easier to determine whether children have problems with missing teeth, extra teeth, or whether they have crowding concerns already.

Some dental issues are much easier to correct when children are younger, and before all of their permanent teeth have come in.
Extra teeth, as an example, can be removed early on in order to allow for proper spacing as the rest of the child’s adult teeth erupt. Concerns with crowding can also be addressed early on, as it’s often better to put in dental devices that will maintain mouth space before the baby teeth have fallen out. Baby teeth are often larger than the adult teeth that grow in, so they leave some space behind them when they fall out. As the molars grow in, they push forward and close up that space. This is, of course, something that Dr. Singh and her pediatric dentistry team will want to avoid if there is already an issue with crowding in your child’s mouth.

Orthodontic Timelines

As each child’s dental concerns will be unique to his or her mouth, there is no easy answer as to when it’s best to do orthodontic interventions. With routine dental appointments and evaluation by Dr. Singh at the age of 7, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of what your child’s timeline will look like.
If there is no need for early intervention, then your child may not need corrective braces until he or she is a bit older. If however there is a need for spacing devices or even oral surgery, then Dr. Singh may recommend getting these concerns handled earlier on so that there are fewer concerns once the braces go on.
Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry, in Indianapolis, IN is operated by a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring your child’s continued good dental health. Make an appointment with Dr. Singh to find out more about the right orthodontic timing for your child’s specific needs.