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How Colored Fillings Can Help Ease Dental Anxiety in Children

Early treatment for cavities is important for children – especially for those who experience fear from thinking about the dentist. Children with dental anxiety are more prone to developing cavities throughout their childhood, and providing those children with the treatment they need can be difficult, especially when it requires constant motivation and removal of those fears. However, many dentists have come up with a solution that both kids and adults will love – colored fillings or colored compomers, as we like to call them! These fillings act in the same manner as for regular dental fillings, but rather than blend into the tooth’s natural shade, they’re bright and colorful and can be a fun way for kids to express themselves. If you’re a bit concerned by the colorful dyes and whether they actually work just as well, we’re here to give you everything you need to know regarding these alternative creations.

How Do Colored Fillings Work?

Colored compomers are a type of glass ionomer filling. Glass ionomer fillings use plastic and crushed up glass and chemically bond to the tooth’s surface to help seal in open areas and prevent harmful bacteria from spreading. These filling also release fluoride over time, which can help strengthen enamel and prevent fewer cavities from developing in the future. Meaning, for children who have a high risk for tooth decay, these fillings work excellently against bacteria resistance. Their translucency also makes them great alternatives for molars and in-between areas. However, unlike normal glass ionomers, colored compomers give the added benefit of color and often have high aesthetic value.

For children, the colorful aspects of these fillings can help not only look great but feel great too! Even while treating cavities, these fillings can help encourage them to brush and floss their teeth more by teaching them to pay attention to the areas that need brushing. These fillings also bring an element of fun that can help relieve any dental anxieties that they may have and can be a valuable motivational tool for improving their brushing and flossing. But do they work just as well as regular fillings? According to the Medical Principles and Practice journal, researchers tested the durability and survival rate of colored compomers and found that colored compomers are just as suitable as conventional fillings to care for children’s teeth.

Why Choose Colored Fillings For Your Child

First, we hope that, above all else, keeping your child’s teeth healthy and clean is the first priority. While choosing fillings is great, it’s best to teach them brushing and flossing before any cavities ever show up. Otherwise, if you find that your dentists have this option, then ask your child if they wish to have colorful fillings for their teeth! Here are some recommendations for why many dentists recommend it for your child:

  • New Learning Experiences
  • Easier Treatment Time
  • Helps Remove Dental Anxiety
  • Motivates Children to Brush and Floss
  • Helps Heal Cavity-Infected Teeth

Colored compomers can be a great learning tool for your child and can offer them better experiences at the dentist. If you’re curious about colored compomers, contact your dentists to learn more.