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Foods That Brighten Tooth Enamel

Every day you focus on the details involved in maintaining excellent dental health. You start the day with brushing, take the time to properly floss, and end it all with a thorough cleansing mouthwash, so why do you still have stains on your teeth? No matter what the answer to that question is, you’re likely wondering what else you can do to avoid the whitening agent section of the pharmacy dental aisle or spending more money at your dentist than necessary to preserve your perfect smile. You may be surprised to learn that your local produce aisle has a number of natural solutions that can whiten your teeth and give you a great smile without whitening procedures.

A Crimson Fruit Can Bring You Pearly White Teeth

A fruit with as red a countenance as the strawberry is often a source of nervousness for parents concerned about stained clothes and tablecloths, so it may surprise you to learn that these incredible fruit have whitening properties you can take advantage of. Within this bountiful berry is a amazing acid that can take all the work out of whitening your teeth. Just crush up the tasty fruit and apply it to your teeth so the acid can go to work on whitening your teeth. After five minutes, swallow the fruit and rinse your mouth out.

Citrus Fruit Aren’t Just For Washing Your Floor

There are so many household cleaners that contain citrus fruit, especially lemons, that you likely associate the crisp smell of cirtus with cleanliness. What you may not have considered is that same cleaning ability makes it possible for citrus fruit to aid you in keeping your teeth white. You don’t want to put it directly on your teeth like you do with strawberries, however, instead you just want to indulge in citrus based drinks and foods. Be sure to rinse your mouth after you enjoy these treats, however, as the acid can actually damage your teeth if left on there long enough.

If It Crunches, It Scrubs

Do you enjoy celery? Apples? Carrots? We’ve got some good news for you. The crispy texture that these wonderful fruits and vegetables bring to the table have the ability to scrub away at your teeth like a natural toothbrush. Even better this same produce stimulates the production of bacteria fighting saliva, helping clean your teeth and wash away debris.

Baking Soda

While you won’t find this in the produce aisle, it is another natural solution for cleaning up your teeth in a way that helps conquer the staining that occurs through our lives. Baking soda is mildly abrasive, and gently scrubs away the stains, debris, and plaque on your teeth.

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