We are accepting new patients!! Here is what to expect at your first visit.

First Visit by age 1

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby, whether it’s your first child or your third, it’s always a new adventure in parenting. If you’ve been down this road before then this information isn’t likely to be new for you, but it’s worth a little refresher course. “When should I take my baby to see the dentist?” That’s right, fresh out of the womb and your baby already has an appointment with the dentist! Ok, maybe not quite yet, but that appointment should definitely occur within the first year of your new baby’s life. Even now your baby has teeth forming, and making sure that they’re tended to properly will ensure an easier time for baby and parent alike in the coming years.

Your baby’s dental hygiene starts earlier than you might assume. Statistics have revealed that many children develop their first cavity before the age of 4, and there is a rising incidence of children under 2 developing cavities. Needless to say, this isn’t a great start to your child’s career in oral hygiene, so it’s time to make sure you get them started right!

They Don’t Have Teeth Yet, Why Do They Need To See The Dentist?

It’s always better to prevent the problem from occurring than it is to try to close the barn door after the horse is out. Did we mix metaphors? Yes, we did, but the point stands. Children these days tend to be raised on an assortment of sugary drinks and sweet foods that can start causing problems with tooth decay before they even make it to preschool. Thankfully by ensuring they get enough fluoride, calcium, and get off on the right foot with dental care, you can make sure they have a bright shining smile well after their out of your home.

What Kinds of Things Will I Discuss With My Dentist During Our First Visit?

There are a number of topics that will come up, but it will all begin with speaking about your child’s overall health up until that first appointment. Your dentist, just like your pediatrician, is going to want to know what kind of challenges the baby has faced up to that point so that they can determine what sorts of concerns they may bring up regarding your baby’s dental health. Other things they’ll discuss will include:

  • How to properly care for your infant’s teeth into their toddler years and beyond.
  • The proper use of fluoride for healthy teeth in children.
  • How to handle issues like finger and thumb sucking before they cause lasting damage.
  • Handling accidents that cause harm to the teeth or face.
  • The developmental milestone that is teething.
  • How oral health and diet are connected in infants.

This first visit with your dentist is going to be the beginning of a long and happy friendship between your child and the dentist if you set the tone right. Early visits also aid children in being more comfortable with dental visits, as they’ll have personal experiences to overcome the rumors and imaginings of “the scary dentist.” Make your appointment today!