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Establishing a Dental Home

Going to the dentist is generally a scary event for any child. From their point of view, they are in an unfamiliar place filled with unknown objects and noises, and a stranger wants to poke around in their mouth with some cold metal instruments. There are a few tips to making it easier for your child to go to the dentist for their necessary dental checkups and dental work.

Making it Easier

In order to make it easier for your child to go to the dentist, it’s best to start by taking your child to a pediatric dentist who specializes in making children more relaxed in the dental chair. The child will be more at ease with the process of dental care and good dental hygiene. The next important step is to establish a dental home, which is an ongoing relationship between you and your child’s dentist.

Establishing a Dental Home

At Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry located in Indianapolis, IN, Dr. Swati Singh specializes in pediatric dentistry and takes a creative approach to treating children. Dr. Singh’s approach is through education and exploration. This method will help your child enjoy going to the dentist while allowing their curiosity to be embraced. The team at Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry worked to create an educational atmosphere where your child can use their imagination and feel at ease while receiving their dental care. Early dental care is essential to helping your child keep the smile they will have the rest of their lives. They will also learn positive dental practices to last a lifetime.

Early Dental Care

Starting at a young age with pediatric dental care will help your child’s overall health and development. Dr. Singh will focus on prevention and help to correct dental issues early on, when they are most easily and cost-effectively corrected. The younger your child is when they visit the dentist, the better, and establishing a dental home early on will help with consistent preventative care. Having a dental home is important in the case of an emergency because you will have dental care with a team you trust.

Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Swati Singh and her staff work hard to provide the best pediatric dentistry in Indianapolis. Their mission is to provide consistent quality care that is comprehensive to cover the dentistry needs of your child while building a long-lasting relationship with you and your child. They will start your child’s dental care with a comprehensive plan that works for you and your family now and in the future.

The Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry is the place where smiling is not just part of their name, but their ultimate mission. Dr. Singh and her staff makes the effort to create healthy smiles while bringing smiles to everyone at the same time. Call the office today or visit Dr. Swati Singh’s team online at smilingkidsindy.com to establish a great dental home and start your child on the road to a lifelong healthy smile.