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Avoid These Foods and Beverages For Your Dental Health

We all know that the world out there is full of food that has it in for our child’s teeth. Every time we decide to provide a food in the home or take them out to eat, we have to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. A love of sugary, fatty, starchy snacks is pretty much universal, just take a look at the aisles in your local grocery store. No one wants to be without our favorite foods, nor deprive their children of the flavors they love. When it comes to deciding between indulgence and discipline, how do we decide which one to choose?

Foods That Have It In For Your Child’s Oral Health

Between total abstinence and wanton indulgence lies the balancing point of healthy choices… Or at least healthier choices. Below we’re providing a list of the foods that can seriously impact the health of your children’s teeth and a little about why you should avoid them. It may not be a comprehensive list of what to indulge in, but at least it’ll keep you away from the worst offenders.

Sugary, Chewy Foods That Stick To The Teeth

Foods that are high in sugar, especially those that have a chewy texture that clings to your teeth, are the worst possible choice for your children’s teeth. There’s a whole variety of choices out there that fall in this category, and we’re certain you can come up with a few examples on your own. Taffy, licorice sticks, hard candies, and marshmallows are a few common culprits. You also want to avoid candies that contain caramel and chewy nougat as well. The surprise member of this list? Dried fruit. In their natural form, they’re a pretty healthy snack. Dehydrate them, and they become the faux-healthy cousin of your favorite chewy candy. All of the health benefits with all the risks to your teeth, not a winning combo.

Carbohydrates Are Not Your Friend

We know they’re incredibly satisfying, but all that salty crunch comes with a hidden culprit. Starch has a tendency to stick to our teeth like glue. Once you’ve finished enjoying your snack, the starch will be there, inviting bacteria to have a feast of their own, with a side of your enamel.

Sodas and Sports Drinks

While not as bad for your teeth as the above two, they are consumed far more often than either, and no one brushes their teeth after every soda. Children who consume these regularly have elevated instances of issues with tooth decay. Stick to water. Surprise members of this group? Fruit juices! They aren’t any better than any other sugary drink; they just come with a morally superior sensation that tries to convince you yourself. Don’t buy it!

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