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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Since the invention of the X-ray dentists jobs have just gotten easier, and with every passing year the technology behind this incredible imaging technology just gets more refined.  A lot of people get nervous when they think too hard about x-rays due to the use of radiation in their function, but there’s nothing to fear. X-rays are given by your dentist only when absolutely necessary, and the amount of radiation used in getting an x-ray is less than that which you get during a walk in the sun.  Learn more about dental x-rays and soothe your worries in this article.

When Should I Get Dental X-Rays?

Getting a dental x-ray is a normal part of your first visit to a dentist as it helps them get a clear view of the inner workings of your mouth and jaw.  While children often receive x-rays more often than adults due to the developing nature of their jaws, its not unusual for adults to get a set of x-rays done every year to keep an eye on their dental health.  If you want to avoid your intake x-rays and you’ve recently been to another dentist, have them send over the films and your dentist can use those.

Are They Safe Though?

X-rays are absolutely safe and have been proven to be so through decades of use.  While issues regarding the exposure to x-rays were practically unheard of to begin with the imaging field strives to reduce the amount of radiation necessary in their technology.  Recent versions of this technology use a tiny fraction of the radiation used in earlier models, making x-ray technology safer than ever before. Certain precautions are still taken for sensitive areas of the body (Such as the thyroid) and simply out of good practice (the vest).

When Should I Not Get Dental X-Rays?

One example of this show of excess caution is in the treatment of pregnant women as regards x-rays. Dental x-rays will only be taken on a pregnant woman if absolutely necessary, though the thyroid cover and vest ensure that the fetus isn’t exposed to any radiation at all.  It is important to note that the radiation used during an x-ray isn’t enough to harm even the developing fetus, but there’s no sense in taking any risks. If a pregnant woman must get x-rays then the normal precautions will be used.

Dr. Swati Signh is dedicated to serving his patients in the safest and healthiest way possible for their dental concerns.  If you’re still concerned about the possible risks of dental x-rays to your children call and make an appointment at Smiling Kids Indianapolis.  The team of pediatric dentistry experts at their office in Indianapolis, IN will take excellent care of them and address all of your concerns surrounding imaging and other x-ray procedures.  Don’t let a fear of x-rays prevent your children from getting the care they need to have a future with a healthy, gleaming smile, call and schedule an appointment today.