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5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush

You’ll hear it every time you take your kids into the dentist, dental hygiene is imperative to ensuring your children have a long life with excellent health.  The problem lay, of course, in getting children to brush and teaching them how to brush properly. If you’re a parent of a growing child you’re aware of the struggle involved in not only ensuring they brush regularly but getting them to take the time and care to ensure they properly protect their teeth with correct brushing techniques.

How To Get Your Kids To Brush Properly
The overall process involved in brushing your teeth isn’t difficult, right?  You just take some toothpaste, put it on the toothbrush, and brush your teeth with the resulting combination!  While this is certainly better than nothing it doesn’t actually provide you with the best protection, and there are certain techniques you can employ to ensure that your kids keep their teeth healthy and white.  Problems for kids range from not being interested in brushing, trouble sticking to it, and rushing through the brushing process. Thankfully there are solutions to all these problems:

Tips To Help Your Kids Brush Properly

1. Egg Timer – Egg timers are a great way to ensure your kids brush their teeth long enough, honestly it’s a great way to make sure YOU do too.  If you want to get especially clever find a song that’s about 2 minutes long that your kid loves and play it while you brush!

2. Get Them Involved – Nothing gets kids excited to be involved in something like giving them some agency in choosing how things go.  This is why you want to allow your kids to select their own toothbrushes and pick a favorite variety of toothpaste.  There is a broad range of toothbrushes that have popular characters and themes for children involved, and the toothpaste comes in a variety of tasty flavors.

3. Get Involved – As important as getting them involved with the process is getting involved yourself.  What better way to set a good example about brushing your teeth than taking the time to brush your teeth with them!  This also gives you an opportunity to ensure they’re using good technique.

4. Flossing Picks – Floss is often tricky for children to manage, but flossing is an important part of their routine.  Be sure to pick up some of the flossing picks that make using floss quick and easy, and show them how to use it properly.

5. Routine Routine Routine – Finally, set up a standard routine for brushing your teeth and stick to it.  This will go a long way to making it easier to remember to brush your teeth, and for keeping them in the habit.

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